Thursday, January 2, 2020

Puppy Pop-Ups for Valentine's Day With a Tabbed Heart Envelope

A Schnoodle and a Golden Doodle with a Tabbed Envelope

In continuing my fascination with pop-up pets, I made two Valentine dog pop-ups...a schnoodle and a golden doodle. This year, I modified the envelope to accommodate the orientation of the heart to be vertical and not on an angle. I also added a different heart closure and added a foil quill greeting to the heart.

The puppy fits perfectly in the tabbed envelope which is made from copy paper.

The puppy will pop-up once he is taken out of the envelope.

Here is the PDF. I used 65 lb. cardstock and copy paper for the envelope.
Here is the .Studio file.

 Directions for making these pop-ups are on last year's blog posting for pop-up pets.

To make the envelope, fold in the sides and bottom to the point of intersection.

Fold the top flap down with an eighth of an inch gap to allow the heart to be inserted into the tab opening.  


Golden Doodle

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. SO cute, thank you very much and happy new year! Fred

    1. Happy New Year! I am glad that you like my designs!