Friday, February 1, 2019

Valentine Pop-Ups - a Bear, Cat and Dog

Pop-up Bear, Cat and a Dog.  
I have included an envelope and a notecard in this file.

I love the way these Valentines pop-up when taken out of the envelope.  The envelope is not suitable for mailing but it is suitable for hand delivery.

I used 65 lb cardstock for the pop-up card.  I used copy paper for the envelope.

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

 Fold the body pieces as shown above.
 Glue the accordion piece to the back side of the pet.
 Glue the heart to the back of the front piece.
 Apply glue to the accordion as shown.
 Quickly attach the front.  Move the heart if necessary for placement.  I recommend using Aleene's tacky glue as you can move the pieces a little before they adhere. Add a small heart to the pets chest and glue on its face.
 Beautiful collection of Pet Valentines
 Fold the envelope sides as shown above.
 Fold where the curve ends as shown above.
 Glue on the heart.
 I love the way that the cat is peaking out of the envelope.  The recipient will be surprised when the cat pops up when taken out of the envelope.
There is a tab closure on the envelope.

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