Saturday, January 4, 2020

A Star Valentine Box

Star Valentine Box

These star Valentine boxes are so cute.  I love the saying that is printed on the vellum. "I thank my lucky stars for a teacher/friend like you". The red heart has the name of the gift giver Foil Quilled on the heart. The bottom of the box has a glittered bottom.  The star box is very small.  A Musketeers Mini fits perfectly inside.  The design can be resized if you want to put a larger candy inside.  It takes about an hour to make six of them.

Here is the PDF.

I used 65 lb. cardstock for the box, ink jet printed vellum for the saying and glittered vinyl for the outer star. The red heart is 65 lb. cardstock that has been Foil Quilled with gold foil.

Here is the .Studio file.

The box sides have two sizes. The larger one is for the top of the box and the smaller one is for the bottom of the box.  Make sure that you keep them separated.  The size difference is slight but it makes a difference in construction.

Make the smaller side first for the bottom of the box.  Make into a star and glue the side tab. Bend the star point tabs inward as shown in the photo above on the right.

Apply glue to the star point tabs inside the star. Adhere the star to the glued tabs.

Turn the star over and apply glue to the outside edge as shown above.  I applied the glue with a quilling bottle filled with Aleene's Tacky glue. This method allows for a fine application of glue and no warping of the cardstock.

Adhere the star to the glue.  The bottom of the box is now completed.

The vellum stars were made by printing the saying on an inkjet printer with registration marks on the vellum.  After the vellum was printed, it was then cut with the Silhouette.  Apply glue to the edge of the star. Notice that the saying is face down.  The star piece is glued to the underside.

Apply glue to the star tabs.  Adhere the vellum star.

Turn the star over.

Peel the backing off of the vinyl and adhere the star.

The bottom of the box has the inner piece of the vinyl star.  (I didn't want the vinyl to go to waste.)

Completed Star Valentine Box

The Foil Quilled Heart fits perfectly inside.

A Musketeer Mini inserted in the box. 

The Star Valentine Box ready to be given to a friend.

Happy Valentines Day!

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