Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sliceform Christmas Ball Ornament with a Snowflake Inside

This sliceform Christmas ball ornament has evolved from my first globe sliceform which was a solid sphere. It is essentially the same design with the center cut out.  When making this ornament, I would recommend using good quality cardstock.  The slits need to be exact as this will cause the slices to insert correctly into one another and look evenly spaced.

Here is the PDF file.

Here is the .Studio file.

 Make the Sliceform Ball by starting with the center and going outward.
Make the Snowflake by bending the two pieces with the perforated edges and inserting it into the piece without the perforations and a little slit in the center.
Glue the snowflake into the center of the Christmas Ball by attaching the two slits together.
Make the hangar by wrapping the rectangular piece into a circle as shown above.
Add the rest of the slices to complete the Christmas Ball.
I added an additional rectangular piece of shiny paper around the hangar for interest.
Another Christmas Ornament to add to my collection...Lovely!
I added a new snowflake design since the one above is a little complicated.  I made five of them for the administrative assistants in my office.  As I was making them, I thought of another snowflake design that is easier to assemble.  It folds like an accordion into a six sided snowflake.
Here is the PDF of this new snowflake design.
Here is the .Studio file.


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  1. Hard to get to stay together when putting together bu I loved it. Gonna make lots of these. Next time I will try using much better card stock I think that would help. Thanks so much.