Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Heart Valentine Box

Heart Valentine Box

This Valentine box reminds me of the fancy Valentine boxes that I used to see at Loft's Candies around Valentine's Day.  I remember gawking at all of the beautiful heart boxes in the window with their luscious candy displayed.

About six Hershey Kisses can fit inside.

Here is the PDF. I used 65 lb. cardstock.

Here is the .Studio file.

Glue the top side pieces together.  

Glue the opposite side together to form a loop. The tab is glued inward.

Bend the tabs down.

Apply glue to the inside tabs and insert the top heart. I recommend adhering the bottom point of the heart first and then bend the side inward at the top of the heart.  Make sure you align the seam to the top of the heart. 

 Turn the piece over and make sure all of the tabs are adhered correctly.

Bend the embellishments in half.  Please note that there is a tab on the wider piece with the hearts,...the one heart will be folded in half...see above photo.

Apply glue to the narrow strip of paper using a glue stick.

Adhere the narrow strip to the edge of the top.

Apply glue to the heart embellishment piece.

Notice that the tab is adhered to one side.

Adhere the rest of the heart embellishment to the side.

Apply glue to the dark pink heart.

Adhere the dark pink heart to the light pink heart.  Apply glue to the the white heart as shown and adhere it to the other two hearts.

Apply glue to the top of the heart. Adhere the heart embellishment.

The top of the heart box is now complete.

Make the bottom of the box by gluing the one tab together.

Glue the other tab together and bend the tabs inward.  Apply glue to the inside tabs.

Insert the heart bottom and adhere the tabs. Turn the bottom over to see that all of the tabs are adhered correctly.

Glue the two pink hearts together and apply glue to the bottom of the box. Adhere the pink hearts.

Top and Bottom of the Valentine Box

Side view

Completed Valentine Box

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Ma'am why not try making your own version of a hexagonal explosion box. I'd love to see how you'd make it your own!

  2. Check out my pop-up polyhedrons. You can lie them flat in a box and they will pop out of the box when opened.