Friday, December 1, 2017

Small Christmas Box for Cookies

This small Christmas box can hold a few small cookies and candies. It is a perfect gift to give to a teacher, postman or neighbor to wish them a happy holiday.

The box was made from 65 lb. card stock paper.  The background paper is vellum which is a very thin transparent paper.  As a alternative to cookies or candy, you can add a battery operated candle inside for a pretty holiday decoration.

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Shower Party Decorations with a Sliceform Heart and a Sliceform Wedding Bell

I had a wedding shower party at my house for my daughter.  Of course, I had to make paper decorations.  Here are a few of the decorations.. a sliceform heart and a sliceform wedding bell.
Sliceform Heart and Wedding Bell

Here is the PDF. 
Here is the .Studio file.

The slice form wedding bell and slice form heart have similar directions as the slice form bride.  Please refer to those directions to Slide one slit into another...first the bottom slit and then the top slit...stacking them one on top of another as you go.  Tape the outside edge and then glue to the backing.  I use two backings to give it extra support.
Happy Wedding Shower Day!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Triskele Sphere and Cube

Triskele Sphere and Cube

I came across a triskele sphere at this website, I was intrigued by the sphere and I tweaked their design to make my sphere.

Two sizes of the Triskele Sphere

I then decided to modify the height of the arc by decreasing its size. In doing so, I discovered that I had to increase the width of the band to accommodate the difference.  These modifications of the original triskele design resulted in a cube.

Triskele Cube

Here is the PDF:

Here is the .Studio file:

My patterns include two sizes  for each of the triskele balls. There are three bands which interlock to form the structure. Here are the directions to construct the smaller one.

To construct the larger one, glue two of the larger designs together to make one band.  Repeat to make the other two bands. The construction is the same as the smaller one.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cherry Blossom Three Tiered Wedding Cake Box

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake Box

My daughter, Katie got married and I made this paper box to replicate her wedding cake.

Katie's Wedding Cake

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

I used metallic white Neenah cardstock from their Creative Collection that I purchased at Office Depot.  The flowers were made with two colors of pink cardstock from Michaels.

There are a lot of similar pieces to make this wedding cake.  I would recommend cutting out the box bottom pieces first so that you do not mix them up with the top cake pieces which are slightly bigger.

 Glue the box bottom side piece into a circle.
Fold the tabs inward as shown above and put a drop of glue on each tab. Insert the inside box bottom piece to form one layer of the bottom.
Put a dot of glue on each tab near the edge of the circle.  
Adhere the outside box bottom circle to complete the bottom of the box. Set it aside.

Now cut out the cake layers.

Glue the layers into a circle as shown.
Fold the tabs of the smallest layer inward and glue in the inside smallest circle.
Glue the larger small circle to the top of the cake.
Fold the tabs of the smallest layer outward and put glue on the tops of the tabs.
There are two small rings. One of the rings is slightly larger than the other. Using the slightly larger ring, slide it across the smallest layer and attach it to the tab.  It will look like a top hat.
Fold the top tabs on the middle layer inward and the bottom tabs outward as shown above on the left.
Put glue on the top tabs.
Attach the smallest layer by matching up the seams. Make sure they are aligned so that the final product will look nice. Note:  gluing is a slow process. Make sure all of the edges are aligned and that it looks like a round circle.
Glue the smallest ring into the interior.
Put glue on the top of the tabs. There are two small rings. One of the large rings is slightly larger than the other. Using the slightly larger ring, slide it across the middle layer and attach it to the tabs. It will look like a top hat with two layers. Sorry for the bad picture but it will look like the above photo.
Fold the tabs of the largest layer outward and put glue on the tops of the tabs.
Attach the largest layer by matching up the seams.
Glue the large ring to the interior.
Embellish the cake box with flowers or ribbons.  Notice that all of the seams are aligned.  
 I pinched the petals upwards to create a 3-D effect and I added a bead to the center of the flower.
I added two rows of beading around the cake.  I added a third row of beading to the bottom of the box so that it would look nice when it was separated from the cake.

I made a white version to give to a neighbor.

Happy Wedding Day!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tulip Flower Pot Box For Easter or Mother's Day

Tulip Flower Pot Box with a Bunnies

There are four versions of the Tulip Flower Pot Box. See the PDF for the other versions. which are a chick, flower and duck.

I used card stock to create these tulip flower pots.

The tulip is the same.  The only difference is the belly band.

 Slide the slits together.  One petal is bent to slide the two pieces together.  Go takes patience to do this. Hold the paper firmly in your hands and pull evenly in a straight line.  Try not to bend the slits because they are fragile.  

Slide all of the slits together. 

 Fold and glue the stamen together but don't glue the bottom.  Glue on the black anthers to the filament.

 Six stamens

 Glue on the stamens to the bottom circle.

 Bottom of flower. Set be glued into the flower later!

 Curl and glue the cone shape as shown.  The dotted line on the cone indicates where the seam should be.

 Take the small circle cog and fold up the points.  Put glue on each point and insert it into the cone to form the bottom of the flower pot as shown above. I glued another circle inside the pot to add some strength to the bottom.

 Make the belly band.  Glue on the main design and the two pinstripes.

 Curve the belly band into a circle and glue.  There is a lot of paper here so it needs to be trained to go into a circle.  Slowly manipulate and bend the paper into a circle to create the lid.

 Bend the cogs of the big circle.  Apply glue to each cog and insert it into the belly band. Do not force  the circle all the way to the edge.  There is a small edge as shown.

 Apply glue on the edge of the stem as shown.  Curl it up to make a four sided stem.

 Pinch the bottom of two leaves together as shown. Repeat for the other set of leaves. Curl the ends of the leaves with your fingers.

 Insert the stem and bend back the tabs. Glue the tabs as shown. 

 Insert the point of the leaves.  Glue each on opposite sides of the stem.

 Glue the circle to the bottom of the lid.

 Glue the tulip to the stem as shown above.

 Glue the inside of the flower.

Tulip Flower Box

Happy Spring!