Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cinderella Party Favor, A Castle Box and a Crown

 For my mother's birthday, I made party treats for the residents at her assisted living residence. I cut out 16 castles and one crown for the birthday girl.  The residents put the castle box together as a little party activity. One Hershey kiss fits perfectly inside the box.

One of the residents decorated the crown with glittery rhinestones.  Here she is wearing her crown.

I used glitter cardstock for the castle and 65lb. Neenah metallic paper for the box.

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

 Glue the four tabs outward on the box.
Open the castle doors and then glue the castle to the box. 

Happy Birthday Mom!
Elaine 💕

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Cinderella Paper Shoes

Poor Cinderella.  I can't make her shoes out of glass but I can make them out of paper. I made the Cascade card from my previous post and decided that I needed to make an accompanying paper shoe. This shoe is made out of 65 lb card stock.  I do recommend making this shoe out of a lighter weight paper because the heel is difficult to bend into a semicircle with heavyweight paper. The shoes are lined with contrasting paper.  I used wrapping paper, lightweight cardstock and vinyl for shoe liners. The thinner the paper, the easier it was to glue to the inside of the shoe.

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

I made the shoe and then decided to make it smaller.  You can see the smaller shoe in the photo above. It is the silver shoe in the front. I have not included the smaller version in my file. If you want to make the design smaller, just resize the pattern.  I did decide to make another version of the shoe today with a smaller toe and I have included that file as shoe #2.

Shoe #1 on the left and Shoe #2 on the right
 Bend the tabs on the toe piece upwards at a right angle.
 Glue the outside of the shoe to the toe pieces shown.
 Bend the outside of the shoe into a U and then attach the other side of the toe piece. Notice that the two toe pieces overlap. 
 If you dont bend the toe piece at a right angle, the pieces will still come together but only slightly.  The shoe on the right shows what will happen if you do not make the angle correctly.  It will still look  good.
 Bend the tabs at a right angle for the tabbed insole.
 Glue the inside of the shoe as shown and insert the insole.
 Notice that the tabs from the insole are inside the shoe.
 Take the insole and place it above the tabs on the shoe inside.
 Notice that the tabs will not show inside the shoe.
 The tabs are glued to the bottom of the shoe.
 Glue a sole onto the bottom of the shoe as shown.
 Bend the tabs for both parts of the heel.  Try to condition the back of the heel to bend into a semicircle by rubbing it against a curved surface or a pencil. 
 Glue the heel into a curve around the outer edge.
Glueing the heel is a slow process. I had to walk away at this point. The glue needed to dry and it is best to come back later.
 Glue the completed heel to the bottom of the shoe.
 Another picture of the heel. 
Here is the shoe lined with a silver sparkle vinyl and adorned with a ribbon bow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Cinderella Cascade Slide Together Card

 I love the story of Cinderella and this card depicts all of the highlights of the story.  Two pieces of metallic card stock are slid together and folded to make the zig-zig in this card.  The card lies flat for mailing. One side of the scene shows Cinderella arriving at the palace in a coach.  Cinderella is standing in the doorway and looking at the festivities above. The opposite side of the card shows the clock at midnight with the prince in the doorway.  Cinderella is scurrying away with her slipper on the stairway.  Her coach has turned into a pumpkin and the horse has turned into a mouse by the gate.

Cinderella arriving at the ball

Cinderella scurrying away at the stroke of midnight.

I recommend using a new mat and blade to cut this design.  It is very hard to cut the details of the revelers at the ball with a dull blade. I used Neenah metallic card stock.

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

 Slide the two tabs together as shown.

 Fold the two sides inward and then slide the next two tabs together to form a zig zag pattern.

 Notice that the pieces do not align that well.

Use Glue dots that have been rolled into little pieces to align the tops of the castle points and the bottom of the castle floor.

I also used a larger piece of rolled up Glue Dots to adhere Cinderella to the bottom of the castle floor. 

I used Aleene's glue to glue the tab of the coach to the castle wall.

I glued the gates to the back of the wall and added the crowns to the gates.  The pumpkin and mouse were glued to the gate.  The shoe and Cinderella were glued to the stairs.

 Front view - folded flat

Back view - folded flat

Side view

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Reindeer Box for a Little Special Treat

This reindeer box is very easy to make as a last minute gift or as a table decoration. The box dimensions are very small at one inch square. The design can be enlarged if you want to make a bigger box.  It holds two pieces of Santa candy. I bought the Santa candy from Aldi and Lidl and my husband says that Aldi's Santa tastes better. The Lidl's Santa is taller and is sized better for the box.

The shiny nose and the snowflake are sequins that I purchased at the Dollar store.  I did include a snowflake design if you want to cut one out of a shiny white vinyl.  I used card stock to make this design.

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

 The Reindeer has a white tail.

Two pieces of candy can be placed inside the box.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dump Truck Paper Model

I made this model for Juanita who said she couldn't find a nice model of a dump truck. This truck takes about three hours to construct. Cut out all of the pieces and plan how you are going to construct the dump truck by looking at the photos. I recommend gluing on all of the veneer pieces before constructing the truck. Also bend all of the tabs before trying to glue any of the pieces together. The yellow truck bed should be glued from the top edge first, a few tabs at a time until you get to the bottom of the first corner. Align the rest of the tabs and corners. After all of the corners and edges are aligned, then glue the tabs down. For the cab of the truck, start gluing from the windshield and go downwards.  Glue one or two tabs at a time and let them dry completely before continuing. There are two tabs that meet at the bottom edge of the cab.  The tabs lay on top of one another.  I placed the back piece tab on top of the front piece tab. The cab is glued to the yellow truck bed on the back of the cab piece. The tires are constructed by gluing the front of the tire to the treads first.  Do not glue the back of the tire. Construct the undercarriage and then attach the back tire tab to the undercarriage. Wait for the glue to dry on the back tire tab. Attach the undercarriage to the body of the truck with glue.  Once the undercarriage is attached, glue the front of the tire to the back to complete the construction of the tire. I added a box structure between the front and back tires, instead of an axle, to make the tires secure so they will not wobble.

I used colored card stock and metallic card stock to construct this model.

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

 Inside of the truck bed has a lining to hide the tabs on both sides.
 Notice the box structure between the tires.  This was done to secure the tires so that they do not wobble because there is no axle.
 The back undercarriage tab is used to glue on the back fender. I glued two undercarriage pieces together to make the undercarriage more secure.
 The front fender is glued on in just two places on the sides of the truck.
 Notice the placement of the grill and headlights.
The top edge of the entire truck bed has a bent edge.which is folded downward.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Nativity Christmas Ornament

I love the way that the star radiates on top of this nativity ornament.  I used gold metallic card stock to make this ornament. It's pretty simple to make. Glue the corresponding image together.  Glue three together, add the hangar circle on top and then glue the other three images together to complete the scene. Make the base and slide the scene into the base. 

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

 Bottom View

 Top View

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Red Pickup Truck with a Christmas Tree

This red pickup truck looks beautiful with a Christmas tree.  I used card stock and silver wrapping paper to make this model.  I recommend gluing the model slowly tab by tab. 

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

My fleet of vehicles is expanding.