Monday, July 1, 2019

A STEM Project: Leonardo Da Vinci's Articulated Vitruvian Man and his Flying Sphere

Leonardo DaVinci's Flying Sphere and Articulated Vitruvian Man

Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man was a man drawn in pen and ink with ideal proportions inscribed inside a circle and a square. The drawing is a juxtaposition of art and mathematics.  Leonardo was using art to explain math. He drew a man with the navel as the center of the being.

Here are my working models. As you can see, the man is perfectly proportioned in both the circle and the square.  

Using the Vitruvian Man, I made a jointed front view and side view of this man. I am planning to use this articulated man in future models that require movement such as puppets and working models.

 I used paper fasteners to connect the parts

Front view and side view of Articulated Vitruvian Man

Leonardo DaVinci was also an inventor.  He described in his writings, a flying sphere.  I recreated this invention by putting Vitruvian Man inside this sphere.

 Glue the two horizontal pieces together to give strength to the piece.
 Crease the four vertical pieces at a right angle as shown
 Slide the vertical pieces into the slots on the side of the horizontal piece to create a right angle. Repeat for the other sides. Apply glue in the interior of the vertical pieces to give strength to the model.
Completed Flying Sphere 

Here is the PDF.  I used 65lb cardstock.

Here is the .Studio file.

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