Monday, February 11, 2019

Rectangular and Square Presentation Box

Rectangular and Square Presentation Box

Presentation boxes are basic boxes.  The internal components will change based on the model being assembled. While the box that is described below, is square.  These directions are the same for making the rectangular box. Please note that these boxes have a hole in the side for an axle.  Your model might not have this hole and these directions will not change for your designated model.

There are two boxes in this file...a square box and a rectangular box. Pick the one you want to make.
Here is the PDF.  I used 65 lb cardstock.

Here is the .Studio file.

 Presentation Box Pieces
Crease the edges of the box as shown above.
 Apply glue to the tab of the side of the box.  Please do not put glue all the way to the point of each side.  This piece needs to slide into the main box piece. Put glue dots as shown.
 Adhere the isosceles triangle to the side wall for each side piece.  Triangles are a sturdy support feature of this box.
Glue four isosceles triangle on the main box piece.  
Notice that the top isosceles triangle forms a trapezoid at the top of the box ledge.
 Apply glue on all three sides as shown
 Adhere the side piece to the main body piece.  The isosceles triangle from the side piece slides into the main tab of the box. Repeat fo the other side piece.
 Apply a drop of glue in each of the four corners.
Completed Box

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