Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Experimenting with Slide Togethers

After creating the slide togethers by George Hart, I decided that I wanted to create my own models.

Here is the Product of My Experimentation

I used cardstock for all of the models.

I created a flower blossom slide together with 60 degree angles.  The model was hard to put together because the edges did not line up correctly...maybe it was an angle problem but the interior of the design looks like an equilateral triangle. Oh well, it's a pretty flower and I am posting it for anyone who is interested in a challenge.  But be forewarned, it will collapse while putting together...use glue or paper clips and hold tightly by cupping the model in your hand when constructing the model.  Here is the .Studio file.  Cut 20 shapes for one model or two pages with extra pieces.

Flower Blossom Slide Together

Butterfly slide together with 72 degree angles...notice the pentagon shape inside the flower petals.  I like this model the best. It will collapse a little when putting together but the effort is well worth your time and patience.  Here is the .Studio file for cutting the model. Cut one page (12 shapes).
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Butterfly Slide Together

Star flower slide together with 60 degree angles. It is a nice slide together.  It is a little difficult to make but it is satisfying when completed.  Here is the .Studio file. Cut two pages (need 20 shapes)

Star Flower Slide Together

Star slide together. This model is easy to put together...great for frustration factor.  The model has 72 degree angles. I actually made this model twice. Here is the .Studio file. Cut one page (12 shapes).

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.
 First, all one color.

Star Slide Together

 Next with patriotic colors.  You can not color this model with three different colors not touching as with the origami Buckyball which I explained in a different post..  Try it and see.
Patriotic Slide Together

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