Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slide togethers by George Hart

George Hart is my hero.  His website is fabulous.  His objective is to make math cool and I think he achieves this goal.

I have designed the cutting files for all seven slide togethers. Please me mindful of George Hart's work. I copied the work to promote his mission of making math cool and help others who want to explore and enjoy his work.  As he says on his website..."the templates below may be freely copied for educational purposes. Creative teachers can undoubtedly incorporate these constructions into classes of different levels in ways which I would never think of"

The photographs below have a tape measure in each picture so that you can see the size of each model...just in case you would like to resize. Also, some of the templates maximize the amount of paper if you are cutting this out for a class and have extra pieces. Use cardstock for making the models.

This is the easiest model to make but it tends to collapse and fall apart when put together. (Use paper clips when putting together to alleviate this problem.)
Here is the Triangle slide together .Studio file - 20 triangles make one model.  Cut two pages (There are16 triangles on one 8 1/2 x 11 be aware there will be a lot of extra pieces.)

Here is the square slide together.  Need 30 squares. Cut 3 pages. (There are 12 squares on each page so there will be extra pieces.) This is the one I did with my pre-algebra class.  A nice satisfying model to make.

This pentagon model takes awhile to put together. The paper has to be bent in order for this model to fit together. Here is the pentagon .Studio file. 12 Pentagons are needed.  Cut two pages.

I would recommend this hexagon model as a class project.  It slides together nicely and it holds its shape...also no bending of paper is required. 20 Hexagons are needed.  (There will be two extra pieces.) Cut two pages. Here is the .Studio file for the hexagon

This decagon model requires a lot patience and three dimensional awareness. Each vertex requires a few steps...the slits are bent flat to slide together and then peeled away for the inner slit to fit together.  Cut 2 pages. (There will be extra pieces.) Here is .Studio file

This star slide together is difficult to make.  It requires a lot of patience and three dimensional awareness. The slits are small and can tear easily so be gentle. The big slit goes into the little slit and then the paper is folded back to allow for the slits to align. Again, this requires bending of the paper. Cut 2 pages for one model. Here is the .Studio file

This decagram slide together is the hardest model to make.  I could not make this model in one day because it is very frustrating but it is really beautiful when it is completed. Cut 2 pages for one model.  Here is the decagram .Studio file.

Please comment if there is a problem with the .Studio files.  Thank you!

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