Sunday, August 4, 2013

Folded Card and Envelope

Folded Card and Tab Envelope
I was cleaning up my craft work area when I came across a Christmas card that I had received and I said to myself...I can make that card.  Well, it was simple to make. Create three squares, make four fold lines, overlay a smaller square and erase half of the square.  I would give credit to the manufacturer (Polar Bear card) for their design but there is no name on it.  The picture above is the result with a tab envelope that I created. Oh I was rereading this, I realized that I could make other designs like a circle or a heart or a star.  I can't do it today but maybe in the future.  I have to clean my work area now!

The Polar Bear card is the one that I copied.
Envelope to be Folded
Tab Envelope and Folded Card Completed

Tab Envelope Closed

I designed a envelope using my basic envelope shape from my blog.  I designed the envelope with a little tab. There are no fold lines so you need to fold the regular copy paper around the card.  Glue the lower half of the sides. Don't glue the upper part like I did originally :). There you have it...A cute card. I love the fact that the little tab slides into the glue or tape required.

Here are the .Studio files. The Envelope and Folded Card are together in one file. Please use these for personal use only.  Thank you!

Here is the PDF.

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