Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's More Exciting than a Paper Ferris Wheel?

Double Ferris Wheel
A double paper Ferris wheel!!! I got this idea from my Fifth grade students on the last day of school.  They created animated Ferris wheels using Sketchpad. It was a fun and enriching activity. Here is a video  of one of the Ferris wheels. I love how the student put a stick figure in the scene and added a moving clever! 

Sketchpad Animated Ferris Wheel

My Version of the Double Ferris Wheel
Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file. I used cardstock and chipboard.

Make the center axle by adding the cardstock to both sides and the corresponding yellow pieces.

Insert the tab into the sandwiched layers so that it does not show.

Slide the Center Axle through the center hole as shown.
Apply glue and put pressure on each of the little tabs so that the tabs adhere to the paper.
Make the box bottom and top.

Make the crossbeams by sandwiching the pieces together.
Add glue to the crossbeam as shown on the right.
Insert the crossbeam into the top slit of the box.  Make sure the bottom is aligned correctly. Repeat for the other side.
Make the wheels by gluing its axle and aligning the holes on both sides of the wheel.
Make the seats as shown above.
Make the rod and glue together, slide on the seat and the spacers as shown onto the rod. Repeat for the rest of the seats. Glue each seat assembly to the wheel.  It should look like the wheel below when finished.
The small stars are glued on the outer wheel on each side.  Please notice how the outer red axle is being threaded through. (These directions will be repeated for the second wheel.)
 The red wheel is glued to the red axle as shown on both sides.
 I put some glue on the underside of the red wheel because I did not like the red wheel spinning around.  This is a matter of preference.  You do not have to do this step.
Glue on the blue circle to both sides.
Glue on the yellow circle on both sides.
And then glue the star on both sides. Repeat the above directions for the second wheel. 
Make the center axle by gluing one side to the red wheel.
Thread it through the crossbeams as shown.
Glue the axle to the red wheel as shown.
Glue on the blue and yellow circles to the center axle.  Add the star. Repeat for the other side. Add the embellishments to the box.
 Please see my other Ferris wheel post for more detailed instructions as the Ferris wheels are very similar in construction.

I love my double Ferris wheel because it is so well balanced.  It can stay in any position without moving.

Ferris Wheels are so much fun!

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