Monday, August 5, 2013

A Cube Making Cubes Toy

I think this cube is really fun to play with.  Eight little cubes are taped together to form a bigger cube.  It is fun to see the little cubes move in different directions.  I made a cube net which I included here as a .Studio file and a PDF.  I would recommend cutting the eight cubes with different color cardstock paper as the movement of the cubes becomes very apparent.

Here is the PDF of the cube. This cube is a one inch cube.

Here is the .Studio file.  I used cardstock.  This cube is a little larger than the PDF.

The cube net that I made is very exact.  There is very little tolerance in folding the last tab.  My recommendation is to alternate the middle tab and make it slide into the two outer tabs as shown.
Repeat until you have made 8 cubes.

Tape the 8 cubes together with 4 strips of tape as shown. 
 Place the bottom cubes with the tape facing outward as shown. The opposite side of the cube should look exactly the same as the photo.  Place the top cubes with the tape facing the ceiling.

Next using 4 strips of tape, place the tape on the sides going upward as shown. There will be 2 strips of tape on one side going upward and 2 strips of tape on the other side going upward. There is a total of 8 strips of tape used in this model. At this point (before you play with it), the opposite sides of the cube will duplicate the tape placement.

Have Fun with your New Cube Toy!

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