Thursday, November 14, 2019

A STEM Project: A Small Stellated Dodecahedron Model

Small Stellated Dodecahedron

A convex regular dodecahedron is the base for making this small stellated dodecahedron.  Stellated means "star-like".  The dodecahedron is transformed into a star-like polyhedron by attaching twelve pentagonal pyramids. A small stellated dodecahedron has 12 faces, 12 vertices and 30 edges.  

A Convex Regular Dodecahedron 

The convex regular dodecahedron is one of the five regular Platonic solidsThe convex regular dodecahedron has three stellations, all of which are regular star dodecahedra. They are the small stellated dodecahedron, the great dodecahedron. and great stellated dodecahedron. I will be making these models in subsequent posts.

Here is an interesting video of the transformation of the dodecahedron into different truncations.

Here is the PDF.  I used 65 lb. cardstock.

Here is the .Studio file.

Fold the tabs of the convex regular dodecahedron

Glue the tabs together.

Glue the stellations into a pentagonal pyramid. Overlap the tabs.  Apply glue to the face of the dodecahedron.

Adhere the pentagonal pyramid to the dodecahedron. Repeat for the other eleven stellations. (I taped a looped and knotted string in the inside of one of the pentagonal pyramids. I placed the string at the top apex before gluing the pentagonal pyramid together.) The top vertex of a pyramid is called the apex.  The apex is opposite the base of the pyramid.

Completed Small Stellated Dodecahedron.

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