Monday, March 2, 2015

Super Pi Day Ball

Super Pi Day is coming!  3.14.15 is a once in a century event.
 Pi Ball with different diameters of Pi

In honor of Super Pi Day, I decided to make a sliceform which represents the values of pi.  I created the five circles with multiples of 3.14.    The diameters starting at the smallest circle is 3.14 cm, 6.28 cm, 9.42 cm, 12.57 cm and 15.71cm respectively. I then placed the diameter of each of the four smaller circles on the edge of the largest circle at its midpoint to create a slit so that this sliceform could be created.

Looking at it head on when the sliceform is a sphere, starting from the smallest circle and going inwards, you can visually see the increase in values of pi from 1 pi to 5 pi.

Laying the sliceform down, the center is the largest circle of 5 pi and the other circles are skewed closer to the edge.

I made a sphere sliceform here.  I love the visual differences of the two sliceforms.

Poor Pi Ball does not have as much structure as a regular sphere sliceform.  The slices are not at fixed intervals but at a multiple of pi.

Here is the PDF of the Pi Ball sliceform.  I used cardstock to create the model.

Here is the .Studio file.

Happy Super Pi Day!

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