Friday, March 6, 2015

A Tactile Paper Ruler

As a math teacher, I often find students having difficulty measuring with a ruler for a variety of reasons. The students don't know where to place the ruler because many plastic rulers have a quarter of an inch of plastic before the tick marks start or the students can't read the hash marks. This ruler that I created from glossy cardstock will help those students visually and tactilely see the different measurements.  The leading edge of the ruler begins the measurement.  There are three different size markings.  The inch marking is the longest slit, the half inch slit is a little smaller and the quarter inch slit is the smallest.  At the top of the ruler, there is a large notch at the inch mark and a smaller notch at the half inch mark. The ruler can be manipulated so that the student can fold up a portion of the ruler if needed to make sure a measurement is correct.

The ruler can be folded up and the slits can be turned upwards at the quarter inch and half inch marks.

Here is the PDF file.

Here is the .Studio file.  I used a glossy cardstock because regular cardstock will not cut out the numbers correctly.  The plasticized  surface of the glossy cardstock cuts the small numbers precisely. You will notice in the picture that there is a yellow and orange ruler that has their numbers not cut all the way through with the plain cardstock.

Disclaimer: If you produce this ruler, please ensure that the measurements of this ruler are correct with an actual ruler.  I cut this with my Silhouette and it is off by a hair. I think I might need to recalibrate my Silhouette but I am a little wary and feel the minute difference does not warrant changing the settings.

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