Saturday, November 16, 2013

Who Plucked The Turkey?

This post is just a instructions included for the turkey...see the previous post "Plucking Turkey Feathers" for directions.

I have two very mischievous kitties, Marley and Melvin and they both love paper.  I generate a lot of paper scraps in designing my paper models.   Instead of throwing the scraps away, I put them on the floor and scatter it in a pile so that I can see all of the pieces of paper that could possibly be reused. Yesterday, Marley came into the craft room crying that he was bored, he took one look at the pile of paper, kicked a few around and found the perfect victim, a round disc with a hole cut out in the middle. It fit perfectly in his mouth and he ran happily out of the room and down the stairs yowling all the way.  Marley dropped the paper eventually when he was done. Melvin came along and finished the job of destroying the enemy.  He chewed on it until it didn't look like its former self.

Today, I walked into the kitchen and there on the floor was my turkey decoration with a turkey feather sitting a few feet away.  "Who plucked the turkey?", I said out loud and two kitties came running.

"Who plucked the turkey?"
Melvin says "What is this on the floor?"
Marley says, "It wasn't me...I'm innocent...look how pretty I look."
Melvin says, "Hmmm...this smells pretty good."
Melvin says, "Yup, this is really tasty!"
Love this animation of what actually happened.

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