Sunday, December 8, 2019

An Ice Skating Scene Card

Ice Skating Scene Card

This ice skating card is like a diorama.  There are five sections which when folded together create a three dimensional scene.  The five sections are glued together by a tab.  Each section is numbered in the file to help with the placement.

Here is the PDF.  I used 65 lb. metallic cardstock for the card.  The cover is glitter cardstock with the inner circle glued to the center back.
Here is the .Studio file.

The construction of this card is the same as the nativity card. The exception is that there is a cover glued to the first scene and the last scene is glued to a backing with a glittered circle glued to the center.

Top view of the card. Notice the zigzag that is formed when the sections are glued together.

This card would be a beautiful accompaniment to the slice form ice skating snow globe which I made in the previous blog post.