Saturday, December 1, 2018

VW Love Bug Ornament for the Christmas Tree

VW Love Bug Christmas Ornament with a string hangar on top.

I made a VW Love Bug for my Christmas tree.  This three inch model reminds me of the time that a friend drove me in his VW Bug with a hole in the floor on the passenger side. The hole was so big that I could see the pavement speeding by at 50 mph. It was a wild ride!

The curved tire well pieces are a little hard to put together.  I recommend curving all the pieces to their final form and then gluing them tab by tab.  It is a little tedious but it works.

I used cardstock for the model and shiny vinyl for the peace flowers.

Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.

 The bumpers are glued on just the ends


Prototype without the string hangar

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