Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

I made two versions of this card.  One card says "Merry Christmas" and the other card says "Happy Holidays".  The slice form tree is a little difficult to put together.  If you are having trouble with it, I recommend cutting the easy tree without the additional slices. The center slices of the tree need to be bent in order to slide the two center pieces together. I designed it this way because it locks the tree top in place.

Two main pieces are slide together.

Slide the two small trees with the upward slits onto the main pieces.

 Next, slide the small tree downward.  This is the difficult part as the branches might get in the way of sliding it downward. Go slowly and it will work.   Again,if you get frustrated, just cut the easy tree and be happy. It does help to fold the tree flat and try to slide the small tree. Start with the center slit and slowly push downward.  Once all of the slits are attached.  Fold and unfold the tree a few times. This process will loosen the paper slits and make the tree easier to open and close in the card. 

The two slits above are where to place the Glue Dots.

Enlarged view of rolled up Glue Dots

Using Glue Dots, which are rolled up, you must use Glue Dots as tape will not work, attach the tree to the base of the card.  Open and close the card, putting pressure on the area where the Glue Dots are so that they adhere to the base card.  The Glue Dots do move a little, this is necessary so that the card and tree open properly.

Back of card with tabs inserted.

Glue the tree to the base card.  The greetings in the front of the card need to have the center of some of the letters inserted such as the e, h, s and a. I also used the scraps to embellish the card. 

Here is the .Studio file.

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