Saturday, March 22, 2014

An Origami Square Card with a Diamond Shaped Center.

One of my student's came to me with a brochure that he had received from Choate Academy and he challenged me to recreate the folds of the brochure. I looked at it and it was simply a large square which was divided into smaller squares.  He did not give me the brochure so this is how I remember it.  It is a little difficult to fold but I think with a little perseverance I believe you will be able to fold this origami square card.

Origami Square Card
Here is the PDF.

Here is the .Studio file.  I used cardstock.

Valley fold the innermost square and the lines which makes the innermost square a diamond as shown in the photo.
Mountain fold the length of the rectangle.

Be patient in folding this model.  Do it slowly and do not make any other unnecessary creases.  It will fold together by itself with a little assistance. Put the center square on the table and gently pinch the corners of the center squares together.  Your left hand is pinching one side of the rectangle forward and your right hand is pinching the other rectangle backward.  Push the rectangles inward and your model will be formed.
Side View
Underneath View

This origami card reminds me of an origami fortune teller.  You can put different words on each of the flaps. This is what Choate did in using this design as an advertisement for their school.

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