Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Leaves Are Starting to Fall and It is Time for a Math Bulletin Board

I created a fall themed bulletin board for my math class.  I bought the bear in the wagon and the crows in the basket from the Silhouette online store.  I increased the size of the images by 200 percent. The tree was made from Kraft paper strips which were crumpled.  I copied the leaves from the internet and resized worksheet word problems to fit within each leaf.   The students answered the word problem, cut out the leaf and stapled the leaf to the bulletin board.  The student's reaction to the leaf problems were very positive. They love to see their work and by having them staple it to the board...they felt proud of their accomplishment.  They showed their work to others when they walked by the bulletin board. In fact, they asked to do them again for other occasions. Here are a few of their suggestions...Thanksgiving turkeys, snowflakes, snow men.

The bulletin board was up a few days when I saw an upper level math student stop and look at a math problem and try to figure out an answer.  Wow...that's a good math bulletin board...what an impact.

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