Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Getting Ready for Spring - Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs

This post does not have anything to do with papercrafts.  I am posting it because I reupholstered my dining room chairs for the upcoming spring season.

I used a new method of reupholstering a dining room chair and I wanted people to be aware of this new option. I checked the internet and I have not seen this method posted anywhere else.  In the past, I reupholstered my chairs by stretching the fabric over the seat foam and stapling the entire edge of the fabric to the bottom of the chair.  This method works well but it requires a lot of tugging and pulling of the fabric.  This new method uses a draw cord.  You sew on binding which has a cord inside it.  Once sewn, the fabric is placed on the seat bottom, a cord is drawn up and then the cord is stapled with an electric staple gun to the bottom of the chair. This method is pretty simple and requires minimal stapling.

New fabric is on the left.

Here is the reupholstering procedure in pictures.
 The old seat cushion.  The black binding has a black draw cord in it.
A close-up of the draw cord.
I removed the old fabric from the seat and I pulled the old cord out of the binding.
 I used a long needle to pull the new draw cord through the binding.  In the picture above, you will notice that I sewed the draw cord to the needle.
 Pulling the draw cord through the binding.
 New fabric on the left was cut exactly to the same size as the old fabric on the right.
 I sewed the binding to the edge of the new fabric.
 Sewing is completed. 
 Draw Strings
 Place the fabric underneath the chair bottom.
 Pull the draw strings tightly.
 The chair bottom was placed on the floor and the foam was pushed downward so that the foam was compressed a little.  This ensures a nice tight fit for the fabric.
 Staple the draw cord as shown in a V-shape with an electric staple gun. Yes, I used more staples than the original...I wanted to be sure that the cord did not loosen.  Also, you can always add a few more staples to the edge of the fabric in the corners if you want to make sure that the draw cord remains tight.
 Completed chairs.
 Marley was my biggest helper.